Day 9 – Life’s Happening, But…

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Day 9

Life’s Happening, But…

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Ok, as you know already I’ve been traveling the last 2 weeks and it’s amazing that within the last 30 days I have been inside of 4 countries.

I wish I could say everything was rosy, but it wasn’t.

I cut my leg on metal that I’m glad wasn’t rusted in Thailand and in between S. Korea and China, my body was desperately asking for rest as I got a minor fever with a ton of runny noses, mucus, ect.

And now with my last day in China, the internet is…well if you ever been to China, you’ll know the internet can be a drag.  


Why am I posting this to you?

Because in this time together, I don’t want to sugarcoat anything.

This is how it happens behind the scenes and it’s also why most people never achieve anything significant after they purchase a product or a course.

The product creators make it seem that life is all rosy and giggles, but life still happens.

And sometimes life doesn’t play fair.

So what does that mean with my sites?

Pfffttt…we still moving ahead.

This is why outsourcing is so great.

So since I haven’t been able to do much on the content side, I’m getting the content created for me initially.

Articles?  I’m going with

Blog Posts? 

This is just until I can get my bearings back because I honestly don’t know if I’m in the future or the past right now lol.

Seriously though, if you don’t have the money to outsource, don’t feel bad. 

You don’t need thousands of dollars.  Even $50 can get you going.

But even if you don’t have that, (sometimes life drains us), just do one little thing to move forward today.

Just one.  One blog post.  One keyword research.  One paragraph of an article.

Just keep moving forward.

This is a marathon, not a dash.  

It’s ok.  Life happens to all of us sometimes.  

You just have to know how to navigate it and surf the troubled waters when it does.

But keep the goals in focus.

You can do it.  There’s always a workaround. 



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