Day 7

Keep Your Eyes Open

Ok, so I have to admit…I’ll need some rest here today as I’m back in China within 2 weeks and I’ve been in Thailand and S. Korea over the last couple of weeks as well.

Runny nose, exhaustion, and sneezing trying to kick in, but it’s no match for…sleep lol!

Anyways, while traveling, I always like to keep my eyes open for markets and opportunities and being in these countries have definitely done that.

For example, skin care and skin lightening seem to be a HUGE deal here.  Like every other store in S. Korea was a skin care store.

The airport?  Just a lot of make up stuff, liquor, and chocolates in the duty free shops.

But the skin care stuff is the major player in all the countries I’ve been to recently.

And with a daughter that constantly does ‘face clearing stuff’, I know I’m on to something.

I just might start a site on this stuff.

Ok, until tomorrow because I’ve got to let my body recharge.  

But one other note before I go…if you find yourself annoyed with something, that just might be a site you can start to make profit with.

(i.e see traveling pet peeves…)